1. Speaking Drill

at work : 회사에서,  일하는 중

I've had a long day at work.
I'm at work on Saturdays.

The author is at work  on her new novel.

At work, I am known as a  good problem solver.

argue about ~ : ~때문에 다투다

Can't we argue about this later?

We often argue about money.

He argued with a police about a speeding ticket.

My daughter often argues with me about her bedtime.

Couldn't I ~? : 제가 ~하면 안 돼요?

Uh, couldn't I wash the dishes or something?

Couldn't I try it?
Couldn't I have a small raise at least?
Couldn't I come over to your house for a few minutes?

2. Model Dialogue

Nancy: Sean, why are you so late?
Sean: Please let me relax. I've had a long day at work.

Nancy:  Yeah? And what about me? I've been taking care of OUR  baby all day.

Sean: I'm really tired. Can't we argue about this later?
Nancy: No.  Please change the baby's diaper.
Sean: Uh, couldn't I wash the dishes or something?

3.Vocabulary & Expressions
relax: 쉬다

at work: 회사에서, 일하는 중

take care of ~: ~를 돌보다

all day: 하루 종일

argue: 말다툼하다, 언쟁하다

diaper: 기저귀

wash the dishes: 설거지하다

on Saturdays(매주)토요일에

problem solver: 해결사

a speeding ticket: 속도 위반 딱지

bedtime: 취침 시간, 잠자리에 드는 시간

come over to ~장소: ~에 들르다

4. Pronunciation & Listening Tips

t가 강세를 못 받아 약하게 발음되는 소리를 연습

Do you have a lot of items to buy?

I like the pattern on your shirt!
I think that's a better idea.
It's 5 meters long.

My cousin is a big eater.

Where's the waiter?

5. Making Up Longer Sentences

Step 1: 오늘 아주 힘들었어요.

Step 1: I've had a long day.

Step 2: 오늘 회사에서 아주 힘들었어요.

Step 2: I've had a long day at work.

Step 3: 오늘 회사에서 아주 힘들었으니까 나 좀  쉬게 해  줘요.

Step 3: I've had a long day at work so please let me relax.

6. 짤막 Tip

Why 와 How come 차이
> 이유를 묻는 의문사, 뒤에 오는 어순이 달라짐

> Why + 의문문 어순, Why are you late?

> How come + 평서문 어순, How come  you are late?

7. Comments & Practice

a long day: 물리적인 긴 시간을 의미 하기보다, 시간이 길게 느껴졌다는 뉘앙스로 "힘든 하루"이라는 의미를 나타냄

be at work on 대상

argue with 누구 about 무엇

8. 외워할 문장

At work, I am known as a  good problem solver.

(일할 때, 저는 유능한 문제 해결사로 통한합니다.)

Couldn't I have a small raise at least?

(최소한 조금이라도 월급을 올려 주실 수는 없나요?)

And what about me?
(그럼 나는요?)

Couldn't I wash the dishes or something?

(설거지나 다른 거 하면 안 될까요?)

It's 5 meters long.

(이거 길이가 5미터야.)

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