1. Speaking Drill

You haven't p.p. : 넌 ~하지 않았구나.

You haven't changed  a bit, have you?

You haven't done your hair.

You haven't seen anything yet.

You haven't done anything wrong, so don't worry.

the same : 똑같은

You look the same.

Is this the same?

Actually, I felt the same as you.

Every man and woman is the same in a certain way.

The food here is great.

The Galbitang here is great.

The atmosphere here is great.

The background music here is great.

2. Model Dialogue

(Sean and Sean's old co-worker, Peter at bar)

Sean: You haven't changed a bit, have you?

Peter: Look who's talking. You look the same.

Sean: Let's order some beer and appetizers.

Peter: Okay. The food here is great.

Sean: What do you recommend?

(after a while)

Sean: I'm feeling a little tipsy.

3. Vocabulary & Expressions

change: 변하다, 달라지다

the same: 똑같은

order: 주문하다

appetizer: 안주

recommend: 추천하다

tipsy: 알딸딸한, 약간 취한

4. Pronunciation & Listening Tips

잘못 발음하면 /쒸/와 같은 소리가 날 수 있는 발음을 /씨/에 가깝게 발음 할 수 있도록 연습

When can I see you?

I feel tipsy.

Are you working for ABC Electronics?

Her name is Nancy.

This restaurant is fancy!

This juice is icy cold.

5. Making Up Longer Sentences

Step 1: 너 ~하지 않았구나

Step 1: You haven't...

Step 2: 넌 안 변했구나

Step 2: You haven't changed...

Step 3: 넌 하나도 안 변했구나

Step 3: You haven't changed a bit.

Step 4: 너 일을 아직 못 끝냈구나.

Step 4: You haven't ______________.

6. 짤막 Tip

tipsy 표현

> '알딸딸하다, 취기가 오른다, 좀 취하다' 라는 뜻

> I'm feeling tipsy.

(약간 취하네.)

> 다른 표현 으로 buzzed

> I'm slightly buzzed.

(나 약간 취했어.)

> I'm a little drunk.

7. Comments & Practice

8. 외워야 할 표현

9. Homework

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