1. Speaking Drill

put 무엇 on 어디 : 무엇을 어디 위에 올리다

Please put your baggage on the scale.

I put your phone on the table.

Please put this book on the shelf.

I put your suitcase on top of the closet.

allowance : 허용치

It weighs a lot more than the weight allowance.

It's more than the allowance.

What's the duty-free allowance?

I had no idea about the baggage allowance.

policy : 규정, 방침

That's our policy.

Honesty is the best policy.

We're going to adopt a new policy.

That's the policy of the insurance company.

2. Model Dialogue

Staff: Please put your baggage on the scale.

Roy: Okay. Here you go.

Staff: Oh, it weighs a lot more than the weight allowance.

Roy: Then what should I do?

Staff: You have to pay 50 dollars more.

Roy: 50 dollars? That's a lot!

Staff: I'm sorry, sir. That's our policy.

3. Vocabulary & Expressions

baggage: 짐, 수하물

scale: 저울

weigh: 무게가 ~이다

a lot: 훨씬; 많음, 많이

weight: 무게

pay: 내다, 지불하다

policy: 규정, 방침

the baggage allowance: 수하물 제한량

monthly allowance: 한 달 용돈

4. Pronunciation & Listening Tips

> 조동사 should와 could의 발음 연습

> 발음 방법: 너무 /우/ 소리를 강하게 내지 않도록하고, /으/에 가깝게 내도록 연습

They should change the rule.

You should follow the rule here.

We should be really careful.

I could get some help.

They could say no to our proposal.

You could use my cell phone.

5. Making Up Longer Sentences

Step 1: 무게가 ~만큼 나가네요.

Step 1: It weights...

Step 2: 무게가 훨씬 더 나가네요.

Step 2: It weights a lot more.

Step 3: 무게가 허용치보다 훨씬 더 나가네요.

Step 3: It weights a lot more than the weight allowance.

Step 4: 네 몸무게가 내가 생각했던 것보다 훨씬 더 나가는구나.

Step 4: It weights a lot more than I thought.

6. 짤막 Tip

allowance의 쓰임

> 의미: '허용치, 수당, 용돈' 등의 뜻을 가짐

> monthly allowance

(한 달 용돈)

> I spent all of my monthly allowance.

(내가 이달 용돈을 다 써 버렸다면)

> Please give me more allowance.

(용돈을 좀 더 달라고 조를 때)

> decrease my allowance

(내 용돈을 깍는 건)

> increase my allowance

(내 용돈을 올리는 건)

7.  Comments & Practice

8. 외워야 할 표현

put your suitcase on top of the closet.

It weighs a lot more than the weight allowance.

It's more than the allowance.

(이건 허용치를 넘었네요.)

What's the duty-free allowance?

Honesty is the best policy.

(정직이 최선의 방책이다.)

We're going to adopt a new policy.

Here you go.

That's a lot!

(너무 많네요!)

You have to pay 50 dollars more.

(50달러를 더 내셔야 합니다.)

You should follow the rule here.

I could get some help.

They could say no to our proposal.

You could use my cell phone.

9. Homework

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