1. Speaking Drill

recommend : 추천하다, 권하다

Could you recommend a nice one?

I recommend this movie.

Could you recommend a nice restaurant?

I recommend a trip to New York; we had a great time there.

What makes you ~? :뭐 때문에 ~야?

What makes you suggest that breed?

What makes you smile?

What makes you think I like her?

What makes you this company tick?

Please show me ~. : ~를 보여[알려] 주세요.

Please show me what you have.

Please show me your ID.

Please show me how you did that.

Please show me where to find the bathroom.

2. Model Dialogue

Helen: My son wants a second dog. Could you recommend a nice one?

Pet Show Owner: Sure, Labrador Retrievers are excellent.

Helen: What makes you suggest that breed?

Pet Shop Owner: They are smart, loyal and good with children.

Helen: Please show me what you have.

Pet Shop Owner: Right here.

Helen: (looking at the dog) Oh, it's too big for my apartment.

3. Vocabulary & Expressions

recommend: 추천하다

excellent: 훌륭한

suggest: 제안하다

breed: 품좀

loyal: 충성스러운

4. Pronunciation & Listening Tips
r로 시작하는 단어의 발음 연습

Is the shape round or rectangular?

We eat rice and side dishes for breakfast.

I was late for work three days in a row.

I love listening to the  radio.

I rearranged my furniture.

You guys are like "Romeo and Juliet."

5. Making Up Longer Sentences

Step 1: 저는 래브라도 리트리버를 추천합니다.

Step 1: I recommend Labrador Retrievers.

Step 2: 저는 래브라도 리트리버를 추천합니다, 똑똑하거든요.

Step 2: I recommend Labrador Retrievers because they are smart.

Step 3: 저는 래브라도 리트리버를 추천합니다, 똑똑하고 충성심이 강하거든요.

Step 3: I recommend Labrador Retrievers because they are smart and loyal.

6. 짤막 Tip

>'너무 지나치게 ~하다' 라는 의미

too + 형용사 + for + 명사

> '누구에게, 혹은 무엇에 너무 지나치게 ~하다' 라고 할 때 사용

> It's too big for me.

too + 형용사 + to ~

> '무엇하기에 너무 ~하다'  라고 할 때 사용

It's too big for me to carry.

7. Comments & Practice

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